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Cue disses to Philadelphia. Avery is kidnapped and forcefully made into a Propaganda Machine Yet again this is the same creator that managed to make getting kidnapped by a cult funny.

Liz and Carol do a simultaneous confession, and Carol says, "Touched by a priest. Tracy accidentally roofies himself, gasping, "Uh oh, here comes the roofies!

And then in response to that, she says this: On a show within a show episode, we see a manager whose face appeared to be blurred for the camera, but we learn he has "Blurry Face Syndrome. Elisa loses all handling of English idioms after being in Puerto Rico and speaking no English for a while. Tracy and Liz meet in the same strip club in the first and last episodes. Kenneth inspires a lot of this.

In the episode "Floyd", Jenna and Tracy start having sex dreams about him. I had a dream that Kenneth and I got intimate in a portable Jacuzzi.

It was crazy, glistening black and white skin. It looked like a close up of a killer whale being born. Later in the episode, Pete dreamed of Kenneth stripping into silver mylar underwear with the NBC logo emblazoned on his crotch and backside. Lutz is a source of much Brain Bleaching.

For example, Lutz playing Kinect without a shirt on is a serious threat. Then Liz discovers Lutz is wearing a thong. Bread, Eggs, Milk, Squick: After Jack put on the "Kidney Now" telethon at the end of Season 3, the audience did not learn whether or not it was successful until the tenth episode of Season 5, in which Milton reappears and offhandedly mentions that he did get a kidney Liz does this occasionally. It impresses no one. And by "your assistant," you mean you, with a British accent.

Instead, she "fired" herself. Weirdly Tracy and Leo are both kept on simply for Their value. Leo is repeatedly shown as very incompotent Not knowing where the heart is located and few other people can tolerate Tracy for extended periods. The Bus Came Back: In a meta-example, after three seasons, Rachel Dratch resurfaces in "Live Show," playing a cleaning lady. She came back again in "" in her former role of TGS animal wrangler. Josh comes back in "Audition Day", trying to get his old job.

In a season one episode Liz goes to Cleveland, which seems like a paradise to her after living in New York. She calls it "The Cleve". Next season she turns in a neighbor she suspects to be a terrorist, only to learn from an audition video that he is merely trying out for The Amazing Race. When listing the places he has gone, he mentions "The Cleve". Cue raised eyebrow from Liz.

The latter is notable for originally being "the guy who plays Halo under the handle SlutBanger", which is completely appropriate for his character. In the second episode of Season 5, Grizz can be seen reading Urban Fervor, which was mentioned as the sequel to The Rural Juror waaaay back in Season 1. And then the person with the highest number gives the smallest gift to the tallest person.

If they want to switch, they cannot. Unless they do; then everyone puts their head down, except the murderer. Will Ferrell as the main character in Bitch Hunter. Comedienne Margaret Cho as Kim Jong-il. Brian Williams and Matt Lauer pop up every now and then. Aaron Sorkin competed with Liz for a job, doing the whole scene with his trademark Walk and Talk.

Tom Hanks appeared in "". The song he sings while he knits is the theme song from Bosom Buddies. His wife is played by Andie McDowell. All of the openly gay characters, especially Randy Lemon. Devon Banks is kind of a hard case. Call it a zig-zag with Straight Gay , which has settled in the Camp New castmember Danny is from Canada, and the show goofs on Canadian stereotypes.

Wesley is a big fan of Chums , following the romantic exploits of Russ and Rebecca. Jack has dated or at least slept with lots of women. Including Condoleezza Rice and Beyonce. The Cast Show Off: Alec Baldwin who produces never misses an opportunity to show off his impersonation skills. Tracy and Pete both have sex dreams about Kenneth in "Floyd".

Liz also has one about the writers dying when the show gets canceled in season 7. Portia reads the papers! That suggestion was off the charts, kemosabe! Liz is a Star Wars fan and sometimes quotes the movies, and even dressed up as Princess Leia to evade jury duty. It was Matt Damon , who played her pilot boyfriend, Carol, earlier in the season. There are references to Friends , usually including mentions of its infamous Ross and Rachel storyline.

The Hunger Games is referenced in Season 6. In the third episode of the show, Liz suggests going to see Margaret Cho. Also, like Jimmy Fallon and several other actors including the main cast, Hamm plays a few roles in the live episodes in "clips" from fictional TV shows past. Mad Men, in response, paid an homage to 30 Rock by referencing a drink invented on the show. Lost exists as a TV show on 30 Rock, while the Mad Men one is extra-nonsensical for the above-mentioned reasons.

I thought so, but now you got me thinking about it Kenneth decides he needs to return to Stone Mountain, Georgia, because the city has changed him too much; he plans to leave of course on the midnight train. The cast performs a slightly-altered version of "Midnight Train to Georgia," which changes mid-stream when it is revealed he missed his train "He missed it—he missed his midnight train to Georgia.

Near the end of the song, Gladys Knight appears and tells them to keep it down and Tracy sheepishly apologizes and name-checks Ms.

Knight, I guess so everyone will know who she is. However, Pete gets the most abuse, even more than Lutz. Jonathan, increasingly as the show went on.

Jonathan in season six, because his actor now plays a Regular Character on Whitney. The Church of Practicology, a pretty blatant Captain Ersatz version of Scientology—they love celebrities, use devices similar to e-meters, and have an equally bizarre creation story: No, I mean the religion founded by the alien king living inside Stan Lee. Liz reacts with shock since Danny was Put on a Bus.

In "" Jenna somehow generates a baby bump by virtue of wanting to get pregnant hard enough. It immediately vanishes when Hank Hooper offers her a talk show deal. That is actually a real medical condition , according to The Other Wiki , and it really is called a hysterical pregnancy. The absurd part is that Jenna goes from not-pregnant to nine months pregnant to not-pregnant again within a single day, and the changes occur instantly.

Where Liz learns she was the universally loathed high school bully, not the shy quiet bullied nerd, which is how she remembered it. Has it been that long? Boy, we sure have done some crazy things with Tracy in the last three years. Played somewhat straight in "". Hundredth episodes have commonly been clip shows in sitcoms; 30 Rock legitimizes the characters reminiscing because a gas leak has gotten into the air vents, and exposure to the gas causes, among other things, hallucinations and nostalgia.

Jack had a cookie jar collection, which he forced himself to get rid of in order to be able to climb the corporate ladder. He also still cherishes his childhood dream of being a marine biologist. While practically the entire cast is frequently portrayed as at least slightly nuts, Tracy Jordan often has zero connection to reality. Interestingly, while his weirdness is real, he seems self-aware enough to realize that his popular appeal depends on it, and is horrified at the idea of losing that edge.

From time to time. Notable examples include a nurse who becomes Ax-Crazy when she gets a ring on her finger, and an apparently competent pediatrician who is suddenly Too Dumb to Live. In "Live Show", Jack mentions that he agreed not to drink while Avery is pregnant although he ends up drinking with Liz at the end of the episode. In another episode, Jack is seen drinking throughout. A line in the epilogue mentions that Avery made him sleep on the couch for a week for breaking his promise.

One of the most long reaching in the history of TV. In the latest season we got this from Angie:

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