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Los Angeles, CA This was my first organized dating event ever. I had never done speed dating, singles events, or anything like this. I was uncharacteristically nervous the day before, but by the time I got there I was looking forward to it.

The format was such that it made it very easy to talk with everybody; there was no need to be nervous at all. I have managed film crews and sets, classrooms, sports teams, and organizational committees, so with that background in mind I was very impressed with how these ladies managed this event.

They are really sweet, competent, fun, and professional. The event was surprisingly relaxed, affordable, and was held at a nice venue.

I actually stuck around afterward with a couple of the other guys and had some food and a drink. As for the ladies I met on the speed date: I found at least 10 out of the 15 I met to be attractive to my taste , interesting, and worth getting to know. I will definitely go to more of their events - unless my 1 choice, who also chose me, works out! Then my future wife and I will gladly do free commercials for these ladies and their company! I spent time, and contemplatively filled out everything required, submitted it, waited the directed 24 to 48 hours to anticipate a response; there was nothing.

It stated that if I, in fact, did not receive feedback-or-acknowledgment within that timeframe, that I should feel free to call. However, after trying several times to call, quite unsuccessfully leaving messages. I was extraordinarily reluctant to leave a review -- however, Yelp seemed so persistent in hoping for a review, that I decided to oblige. Regrettably, a positive experience only gets some review-and-adulation; while a negative review has times the impact!

When publicly made aware, twice is a pattern. I am moderately disappointed in the quality of service. However, it did seem not-so-commonplace for an unusual amount of praise when a service just delivers on what the service espouses to believe. I left one star -- to make a point. I have no idea whether the service is good, bad, or indifferent. That is my point The organizers are outgoing and do what they can to put the participants at ease.

I have been to many speed dating events over the years from different companies. For the last event Asian women and Western men I had to sit out a few times, so did a few other guys which gave us the opportunity to share our experiences.

While this is not something any event organizers can really control, it was nice they emailed everyone 1 day before to confirm we are still going. Everyone seemed like good quality people, fun to talk with, and I seemed to connect with several women that became "matches" for me. It was much more successful for me than previous speed dating events. Well worth the investment and more satisfying than working the online dating sites. Well organized, the staff was attentive in helping nudge us guys to move on to the next date Price was reasonable and lower than other speed dating events.

Good quality people, most have good careers and were interesting to speak with. The bar provided "self service" water pitchers so we could refill our own water cups anytime instead of waiting for servers for water. The bar had very few customers at 2: Made it difficult to take notes or read notes, most of us used our cell phone screen as a flashlight which was slightly annoying. Also the water pitchers ran empty, not good during these rushed events with little time to refill our cups.

Sitting across from each other is not ideal as we have to shout and compete with the neighbors voices. I actually did sit next to a few women at this event when possible some were in a booth type seating , which most of those women seemed to appreciate.

I have been to a few of their "Unlock the Night" events and have always had a fun time meeting people. At these events, all of the guys have keys and all of the girls have locks. It went very well, the Matchmakers organizers were really good at running things smoothly, in an intimate yet relaxing and non-intimidating atmosphere, and I had so much fun. Everyone was very nice, and friendly, and I left the place thinking it had been a very cool new experience.

This was, by far, the best run speed dating, with best quality people, that I have experienced in the LA area. It was hard to narrow down the choices!

I am not very outgoing at parties, but this was fun and the conversations kept flowing for 2 hours. May and Katie are excellent hosts and match makers. I have used a number of online dating sites with very little success. With just a single event with May and Katie, I got a half-dozen dates with truly great ladies. If you really want to meet some great people and want to go to a fun and friendly event, sign up with May and Katie!

I have the highest hopes that I will meet the one for me with my current dates. But if not, I will definitely use May and Katie again in the future. I finally went to my first "Speed Dating" event in my life and it was truly fabulous. The truth is, I was very hesitant about going but trusted in May and Katie so I was very pleasantly surprised by the group or 14 fabulous, down to earth, and very real ladies who I had the chance to meet.

The next afternoon, when May let me know I had a "match" that was just icing on the cake, and now, almost out or nowhere, I am really looking forward to my first date. Thank you May and Katie. You two are the best matchmakers. I appreciate you two. Robert - May and Katie are great matchmakers. Very attentive and helpful! I attended one of their speed dating events and another mixer and everyone was very friendly and down to earth.

I was very impressed with the quality of individuals at this speeddating event. May especially has been very helpful with me as this is my first experience with a matchmaking service. Keep up the good work and hopefully you will have more speeddating events for us men wanting to meet asian women! May is a fantastic person to deal with.

I met May at a speed dating event and found out about their match making service through their website. I highly recommend this service to anyone seriously looking for a great catch! May and her team found me two catches within a few weeks of completing my profile. Basically you are expected to match with one person only or none at all. That is a lot of pressure and it does eliminate the possibility of first dates with multiple people kinda the point of "American" style speed dating. Plus, I believe each "date" was only 3 minutes long or maybe even less But after submitting comments and criticisms of the first event I attended, I saw that adjustments had been made at the very next event.

This time each "date" was 5 minutes and you submit your interests and go home. If you want to be treated with dignity as a professional single adult go see Two Asian Matchmakers.

Finding love in LA is truly challenging, but these two really care about you. After almost two years they matched me with a great girl. They are very friendly and they put effort to organize the event. I just joined their dating event yesterday. It was my first event and experience. It was absolutely low pressure; the crowds they bring are very nice ppl. I am impressed for their well organized details.

I hope to join their events soon! Two Asian Matchmakers This business has been claimed by the owner or a representative. Learn more 15 reviews.

Our California Matchmaker Team offers Personal Matchmaking to Quality Singles in California. No Blind Dating. No Winking at Strangers. Only Relationship Minded Local Singles in California. Date Real California Singles, Offline. Unlike other California matchmakers and dating services, we donít conduct limited searches, use only our. Online dating services offer a powerful way to connect with compatible adults and you have the big lever to chat and filtering. Home >> Dating >> Southern California Date Ideas.

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