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Actually, I am on my way to Missouri via Yellowstone. I wanted to try my hand at a small scale solve…where the theory is that all the clues are actually quite near each other. Working off the idea that others identified the first two clues and then went right past the other seven. I am thinking, of course, that perhaps they went right by the other seven because they assumed the third clue was farther away and while they were headed NFBTFTW they went right by the other seven.

But I am excited about trying this out. Not that I have a complete solution…I am stuck right now at the same place I am always stuck in my solutions…the blaze… I left Lummi Island late today…about 2pm and am in Pateros, WA at 7pm on the wide Columbia…River of the West. As I crossed the Cascades I could see smoke in the Methow Valley and when I settled down into the small town of Winthrop on the east side of the range the local fairgrounds were home to what appeared to be hundreds of tents at what has become the Interagency Fire Command Post.

A lot of firefighters in the area. I also passed the Heavy Equipment Staging Area for the fire fighters. I did not see any flames but plenty of smoke and I understand the apple and pear orchards that usually prosper from here to Yakima are in frightful condition because all the smoke for such an extended period has shaded the crop.

Reports predict that this will be a very bad year for orchardists in the area and could spell the bitter end for some who cannot recover financially from such a loss. I passed through dozens of little towns with flags waving smartly at half mast saluting Senator John McCain.

Here in Pateros the air is relatively clear and the river looks stately. Not much smoke here. Typically, this weekend hosts a lot of rodeos but the smoke…or threat of smoke, has all but wiped out tourism in this area of the state.

Few people from Seattle or Vancouver want to drive miles through a smoky, baking landscape to attend… Maybe next year! My intent is to post some pics and thoughts every night on my trip as I get closer and let you know how this small scale solution turns out… Tomorrow I will post my half solution so you can chew on it for awhile and let me know where I went wrong..

If you find yourself there and you like garlic…and you like Greek food…try out the White House Restaurant. Why — Because the first stanza describes this place to me. And he was alone. Instead he kept the story on his web site where it is still located and published it in TFTW.

I also believe this was a story he wrote for the West Yellowstone paper where it was first published. You can read more about the mechanics of these thermal events HERE Below this HOB could mean a number of things but to me, for the purposes of this solution, I am going to be looking directly across the Firehole in Fountain Flats.

A place known for wandering bison and elk and the occasional griz. There are many trails in the area but there are also large areas that are trailless. It is permissible to walk around in Fountain Flats. I have done it many times. It is an enchanted place for me. Sprinkled amid the flats are copses of pine trees, wildflowers, a variety of animals and a unique geography that makes this a fairly unusual area…even by YNP standards.

I will explore the area for one that suits me…They are generally small…creek like… They are too small for any kind of boat to paddle.. I plan to spend some time on Labor Day exploring the area…around OC to see what I can see… No matter what I will have a good time walking around out there…I love that place… September 2nd Just north of the park tonight. On the lovely Madison. Might toss a Woolley Worm or Bearded Damsel around before it gets dark. Will head into Ojo Caliente area tomorrow.

No smoke up here but I understand they have had a lot of smoke and fires in the past days. The fire crews recently moved on to drier pastures. Tomorrow I will post a more completed solution and some good photos showing why this is potentially a good location if someone can develop it more fully…based on what I found out there. We had dinner together and talked about Forrest and moose and laughed a lot…a good time was had by all… A peaceful location complete with blaze, water high and heavy loads.

No place for the meek yet not a dangerous location. A child could walk here with a little help from an adult. So easy a child could get here…and surely not a dangerous location. The first stanza did not change from my original interpretation. The Geyser is the bubbly patch on the near side of the pond.

It gets higher but I got tired of waiting. To me there are all kinds of problems with OC as a place where warm waters halt…but I selected it because it seems to be an oft accepted WWWH location touted by many…and because it was one of the very first WWWH places identified…and because it has a history that goes back at least as far as when Forrest said that folks had identified the first two clues…and finally because I wanted to try out a small scale solution.

This means the first stanza is unlikely to be a clue…so what is it? For the purposes of this solution I have used it as a four line hint. It helps us find where the place to begin is located. The second stanza simply begins by telling us to start at the WWWH place.

But it fails to give us any information that will help us identify where that place is located. In this solution the first stanza provides us with all the information we need to identify the location of WWWH…the place where we should start our journey. Ojo Caliente is made up of three elements: A Geyser of hot water that is pumped out of the magma heated earth 2. A spring or small pond formed where the hot water from the Geyser is held and cools a bit before heading downhill 3.

A channel where water travels from the holding pond to the Firehole River. From the spring we are told to take our journey in the canyon down… Here is a pic of the channel…directly downstream from the spring at Ojo Caliente. This channel is about 30ft long. It starts at the spring and ends at the river. Many might argue about whether I can legitimately call this channel a canyon or simply a channel or something else. Additionally, I believe we are supposed to use our imagination…I mean look at that photo…That certainly has the characteristics of a canyon to me.

Not far but too far to walk… Here lies the first conundrum. How far is to far too walk…and to whom is it to far? South is below on a map.. If you are afraid of loud noises or being blown to smithereens this is no place for you. The end is ever drawing neigh…to get to the treasure walk to the left along the river. It enters the river just a hundred feet or so from Ojo Caliente.

I walk up the creek and keep my eyes open. Here is a marvel gaze of the area from up on a hill. The creek winds in and out of open places and various copses of trees. They often look like this. Could a rock pile be a blaze? But which rock pile? There are hundreds of them.

Very even terrain…unless you decide you must climb a hill to look at the view… It took me longer because I was figuring things out..

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