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Sorority Baby I and II I had had an interest in female domination and diaper domination for as long as I could remember. In my fantasy world I was always role-playing the scene of forced diapering and bondage equipment - gags, collars and cuffs for both my wrists and ankles.

This story assumes that the "family" from Full House actually existed in real life and is written in the past tense. Basically, this is a fantasy I had after watching episode of the show.

Diaper Deal I was shocked. He and my mother looked at me seriously. Perhaps it was something in his voice, the total lack of anything threatening, but I answered, "Yes.

A nurse was walking toward me, with a folded disposable diaper. I tried to back away and escape but she got to me to before i could.

She grabbed my arm pulled me up and put me on a changing table. Diaper Punished Chii giggled, she had had the best day with her friends and was bitter sweet about the summer, she was small for being 8, and was the youngest of her friends, she had brown hair and green eyes and ran into her house, it was a 1 story, pretty big house and she opened the door into.

So I just remembered something. For one thing, I wrote in my last story that I stopped having day accidents by age 6, thats not true. I rember now I was maybe 8 when they stopped. When I was 5 and 6, I would have a lot Diaper Story Part 1 Emma was 15 years old 4 10 and pounds and just started her freshmen year in high school. She was always the type of girl who liked to have things "just right". She never had many friends. She tried making some but they just ended up leaving her behind.

As it got closer towards. Diaper Wedgie Well the one night i was over my friends house wrestling before we went to bed. I have to wear diapers because i dont get that feeling when i have to go it just comes out. I usually wear plastic diapers cause they hold more I was in the hospital for a couple of days, and in diapers the entire time.

While the diapers were intended to be a temporary. Diapered Again Jonathan woke up groggily Monday morning at the sound of his alarm. Jonathan or Jon as everyone called him was a 21 year old average dude living in rural Ohio. He had medium length brown hair and amazingly vibrant green eyes. The Benifits To A Genies Curse It happend a few weeks ago now and it was just a day like any other day, go to work do my job and go home, easy right?

But in truth its brutal work. The Carousel Music Box I tried to get my mind off of what I had just seen by looking around the shop.

I caught sight of the clock on the wall and figured that would be the best way to get the subject on something other than what Justin had been viewing so as not to bring it up unless he, himself, decided to. It was a beautiful summer afternoon. Jessica was tired from a long car trip.

She was a little sad about leaving her old friends behind. Jessica was from a rich family. Her father owned and ran the family business, but they had to move because her father.

My sister Kathy was born April 17, , and I on May 7, As we grew up my sister. Tiffanys Diaper Tales Volume 1 Part 02 Tammy picked me up and laid me on the changing table and took off my jammies and my rubber pants.

She then put me in a disposable diaper and put my church clothes on me. I was wearing a pretty yellow dress with little white flowers as a trim around the border. Diapered As Punishment At Age My step mom had a real knack for making the punishment relate to the crime,,,, I was 12 yrs old and I came home to find one of the older kids that she babysat normally after school because he was 6 waddling around outside playing in the Biggest diaper I had ever.

Diapered At Night I got home from work and had just finished off a 20oz coke. Walked in and mt wife was watching a movie so I grabbed a beer, sat down and watched it with her.

Went to bed after the movie and woke up at 6 in the morning in a puddle Diapered Bedwetter I was first put back in diapers at night when I was 8. I had gone through the usual potty training struggles and worn night diapers until 4, but my "advanced" bedwetting started at 8.

After a few weeks of wet beds in the morning I guess Mom just had enough. So one evening after. I am a bit of an old school punk, normally wear tite dress pants, t shirt, waist cote and some times a bowler cap.

I have always wet my bed at night so my mum thinks I need to wear diapers to bed. Anyways it was comfortable spring weather and Dustin, his older brother, Daniel, and I. Diapered While Drunk It was me and a long time friend were having fun drinking my home made drinks i was diapered at the time with a.

Diapers And A Unique Weekend This story is designed so the main character is gender neutral to allow your imagination to wonder. As a child I always seemed to be an independent thinker, I had an open and creative mind. I had friends but they were few and far between. But there was only one person that I truly trusted as my friend, that was Jen. We worked in the same business and often hung out or shared rides.

Most of the time it was in front of the whole class with our pants up, but I was also taken into the cloak room as it was called, and given a. Dont Shit The Bed My sister was always someone who you could count on to take someone home after a long night at the bar.

One of those nights we came home with a slew of people, drank into the morning, and finally went to bed dispering around the floor. The next morning I was sitting in the.

Mommy was standing over my crib when I first opened my eyes. She picked me up out of my crib and laid me on the changing table and began to change my diaper.

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