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Ste 89 Waianae, HI Nanas is nice for a swim and sometimes if you catch em good day, a good body surf session. I miss the sidewash of old and I hope it returns again naturally in the future when the sand has changed.

This review is based solely off of the Mermaid Caves: I was really excited to see these caves in person! Take that trail on to the rocks. You must wear shoes!

I was a little disappointed once I actually got down into the caves, I found some broken glass. Please be respectful to this beautiful place and pick up your garbage. There is a website you can check to see when this beach will be at high tide and low tide photo two. Use this to your advantage and plan ahead to arrive at these caves in low tide! The ceiling is very low I am only 5 foot 2 in, and I had to duck my head to get in there and if you go at high tide, it might be more dangerous than beautiful.

There does have a big "what do I do now? There are a lot of homeless in the area and they target non-locals. Cars do get vandalized and personal belongings stolen. You will have locals pretending to be nice, guiding you to "mermaid caves", or "TUNNELS", they wait for you to get in and then take your car keys.

Please be safe, people get injured and vandalized all the time. We used to call this place, "Tunnels". Not sure when or who named it, Mermaid Caves but either way, Great place for photos. Bring a ladder or something to climb down into the cave and to get out. Gets crowded with lots of people in there. We still found the beach and the caves to be absolutely amazing! What made the views a little scary while trying to find the caves were the crosses around for people that passed away.

Definelty makes you think twice and warn to be careful and smart! For new people remember only to go down when tides are low!! Check online before going if you can! The caves were photo shoot worth it and so clear you can see the fishies swimming around! The waves are a little scary but hanging on to the rocks around are KEY!

So worth going to just check it out. We just moved to the west side and are in love with its beaches! We went here today In search of the mermaid caves! If you plan to go on a weekend definitely get there early! We got there at If it is full you can do some street parking on the street before the beach park going south.

The caves were easy to find due to the amount of people exploring them! Head towards the rocks to the left! We jumped in the farthest hole away from the ridge and then swam into the front! A little scary because of my fear of rogue waves but it was great to explore! The sand and rocks get really really hot in the summer and we learned that by walking barefoot because someone stole our slippers Nanakuli Beach Park offers a little something for everyone. We have family that comes to the islands from all over, and I tell them this is the best beach for EVERY member of the family, the far left handside of this beach is Zablans and is mellow, family friends, the middle is also known as Flats, which tends to stay true to its name, its for lying out, inflatables and family time, and the right hand side which is Nanakuli Beach park caters to the teens, body boarders, and big shore break junkies Best beach on the island hands down: We came for the caves, took pictures and left our bag for minutes.

Turned around and the bag was gone!! We had phones, wallets, and our car key in bag. The homeless work together to take whatever they can. We tracked our phones and they were turned off within 5 minutes, cops came and we found a few things that fell outta the bag but nothing valuable.

We also spotted someone sketchy that walked past our car with the key and they ran off. What started out as an adventurous day ended with a lot of stress. Had to get our rental car towed. If you are planning to go do not take any valuable belongings with you. Fun times at Nanakuli Beach and "Mermaid Cave". First entrance into Nanakuli Beach Keaulana Ave. Park in the parking area or street parking do not block entrances into the local homes.

Walk straight towards the beach. When you reach the beach, there will be a sandy part to the right and lava rocks to the left. Walk towards the left over the lava rocks.

There will be a couple of memorials respect the memorials please. Take the lava rocks around a curve and about a tenth or quarter of a mile. Recommend a step ladder or rock to get into and out unless you are a strong swimmer and know the other ways out of the "cave" which are more towards the sea.

What a great spot! Plenty of parking, restrooms and a lifeguard. Plenty of space on the beach too. We were here specifically for the mermaid caves. They are on the far left side of the beach, passed all the memorials. There are several openings. We scouted out the whole area before we decided where to best enter and exit. Ensure you check tide times too before you go. I will be heading back. What a beautiful beach! We found the mermaid caves right away and hopped down in those for a spell.

Someone had left a footstool in the opening, and that helped a ton. We were there at high tide, and were unable to go too far in, but it was still a really neat experience. The beach itself is really nice. Lots of locals hanging out and listening to music. Almost gave up and then when I found it, it was awesome! I did not go down since I was not confident I could get out but two other girls were down there taking pictures. Out of the 3 caves, the one you would not be able to enter due to the force of the tide.

The current was too strong and it would more than likely push you against the sharp rocks. The two other cave entrances you could go in and out of. They were really neat to look at from above. The two girls said they were even better from below.

I went in the morning and the one girl, who was a local, said that depending on the tide you cannot go down there at all. Bring tennis shoes to walk around in. Flip flops were not the best idea.

Park in the lot and walk over to the cave. The drop in is about Everyone helped each other get in and out of the space so that was nice - the true spirit of aloha and community! What a hidden gem! This place is very cool. The cave is located on the left side of the beach. It can get very busy on the weekends but we still went on a weekend and there was plenty of room. I would suggest timing it to when tide is at a low point in the day.

However, we went in the late afternoon when the tide was rising and we were still ok, just a little more adventurous. This will be a cool place to take our friends when they come to visit! This beach has the beautiful wide sandy beaches and of course the mermaid caves! The first time I came here, we almost tried to swim in through the ocean side and that would have been a mistake. Second time around, we just lowered ourselves into the holes. That was a lot safer for me!!

Great views and cool for pictures. If you walk over across the rocks, you can find the mermaid caves.

The Hawaii Department of Education operates the public schools. Two elementary schools, Nanaikapono and Nanakuli, and the Nanakuli High & Intermediate School are in the CDP. [7]. Nanakuli Hawaii, I love conversation and making connections. Let's talk stories! POSITIVEvibesONLY please.

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