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Winter and storms may cause cancelations or other changes for dances in New England. The Saturday, September 8 dance in Worcester has been canceled. So, I recommend checking the following contra dance listings in addition to this list: DanceDB which is national in scope.

The geography for this schedule is limited to anything these three states. Links to other pages in the www. While most of the dances have their own web sites, the Scout House does have some basic information and links to the individual dances. And there is dancing at the Guiding Star Grange in Greenfield, Massachusetts just about every Friday and Saturday plus waltzes once a month on a Friday and occasional dances on Sundays sponsored by various groups, bands and callers plus a few special dances on other days.

New Milford - Merryall Center Location: New Milford Caller s: Greenfield - 2nd Friday - Swinging Star Location: Wellfleet - Outermost Location: Amy and Jonathan Larkin; Note: East Falmouth Caller s: Amy Larkin and Oliver Farrell; Note: Greenfield - 3rd Saturday Location: Ron Grosslein, Van Kaynor ; Note: New Haven Caller s: The French Connection; Note: Berlin Country Orchestra; Note: Stamford - MakeFest Location: Family dance at 5: Arlington - Scandinavian - Sundays Location: Bruce Sagan and Brian Wilson; Note: Amherst - Wednesday Location: Tiverton - Sandywoods Center Location: Rhode Island Caller s: Becket - Northeast Squeeze-In Location: Annual accordion festival; one dance?

Greenfield - 3rd Friday Location: David Kaynor and Friends ; Note: No dance tonight; Note: Bridgewater - MA - Family Location: Wareham - Cultural Connection Location: Sheffield - Dewey Hall Location: The Swiveling Swivets; Note: Amherst - 4th Saturday - Fiddlers Green Location: Linda Henry and Shirley White; Note: Dead Sea Squirrels; Note: Greenfield - 4th Friday - Challenging Location: Worcester Folk Orchestra; Note: Greenfield - Various Saturday Location: Jamaica Plain Caller s: Julie Vallimont and friends and DJ; Note: Watertown - Canadian-American Club Location: Greenfield - Mostly Waltz - Friday Location: Still the Homegrown Band; Note: Woods Hole Caller s: Woods Hole Folk Orchestra; Note: Greenfield - 1st Saturday Location: Rachel Panitch and Larry Unger; Note: Bethany - Family Harvest Festival Location: Concord - Mostly Waltz Location: The Dam Beavers; Note: See you at the Fall Ball in Peterborough?

Bolton - Florence Sawyer School Location: Sturbridge - Hayloft Barn Location: Marilyn Butler and Bruce Sagan; Note: Bring cookies and the recipe. The Gotham Gals; Note: Jeff Kaufman, Cecili Vacanti and friends; Note: Benjamin Foss and Amy Larkin; Note: Ron Grosslein and Linda Henry; Note: Westford - Fiddle Hell Massachusetts Location: Royalston - Village School Location: Greenfield - Fall Frolic Location: Donal Sheets and Cedar Stanistreet; Note: DJ Chuck Abell; Note: No dance tonight--Thanksgiving; Note: West Hartford - Post-Thanksgiving Location: West Hartford Caller s: The Russet Trio Band; Note: Linda Henry and George Wilson; Note: Jesse Ball and friends; Note: The New Haven Jammers; Note: Julie Metcalf and Larry Unger; Note: In December and January, join us for dances dating from years ago to the present.

Tonight is the Concord Cuisine Raffle. Ticket info available eventually at http: Julie Metcalf and Bruce Rosen; Note: Smoke and Mirrors; Note: Amy Larkin and Roberta Sutter; Note: See you at Breaking Up Christmas?

Becky Miller and friends; Note: Glen Loper and friends; Note: Annual potluck at 6: Dave Langford and Friends; Note: Linda Henry and Van Kaynor; Note: Ben Wetherbee and friends; Note: Cambridge - Beantown Stomp Location: Julie Vallimont and friends; Note: Bruce Rosen and Emily Troll; Note: The Mean Lids; Note: Week long music and dance camp; register in advance; camp ends on August 24, Venue and dance information Amherst, Massachusetts - 2nd Saturday: Dances begin at 7: Please wear soft-soled shoes.

Amherst, Massachusetts - 4th Saturday: Refreshments at the break. Newcomers and experienced dancers welcome.

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