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But one big incentive is that women who take regular classes soon acquire an enviable slender figure — and hold onto it. For any woman who has ever wanted shapelier calves or slimmer thighs, or suffered the twin curses of cellulite and saggy knees, the evidence is clear-cut: Like many little girls, I once lived and breathed ballet.

One performance of Sleeping Beauty, watched on the family TV in the Seventies, was all it took to transport me into a magical world of tutus and tiaras. I devoured ballet books and took lessons in a church hall in the North East with a semi-tuned piano, where I dreamed of being barked at by an instructor from the Bolshoi. The only problem was that while the other dainty little girls executed perfect pirouettes, I lolled about plumply in my black leotard, looking for all the world like a baby seal squirming on a rock.

Mercifully, for all concerned, I soon abandoned my eight-year-old ballerina fantasies. When I arrive at the class, shaking with nerves, I question my sanity — because this is not just any old ballet school. Based in South-West London, it takes a small number of full-time students for ballet training alongside academic study, and offers classes after school for talented local youngsters. Inga George, who has been given the unenviable task of taking me for my first class in four decades, was a leading ballerina at the Georgian National Opera and Ballet Theatre.

So far, so daunting. It is very tough. At her command, I raise myself onto my toes and think it best not to mention the agonising cramp in my calf muscle. But even with my limitations, ballet is already making me feel more graceful and feminine. From the instant that Inga tells me how to stand, how to balance and how to move my arms and hands, I feel more poised and more powerful. That confidence-boosting effect is not unusual. If you walk into a bar and are a single woman, it gives you a certain power.

But I loved it immediately. I always leave feeling like a million dollars. It promotes good posture, which makes you feel and look younger. You have to remember the steps, which can be a lot harder than you would think. She believes studying ballet has made her brain sharper than ever.

She started lessons in , after her mother opposed it when she was a child, and now takes three classes a week. The extra energy has led me to decide to return to writing fiction after 29 years of writing self-help books. Louise Nevin, 51, who lives in Highgate, North London, with her husband Mark, 56, a songwriter and psychotherapist, says ballet is her break from motherhood. He is strict, pouncing like a hawk. Then he spots me. I obey instantly — and my heart lifts.

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