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Tap here to turn on desktop notifications to get the news sent straight to you. I expected that I would stay in the industry for quite a while, either as a worker or an organizer. I enjoyed my work most of the time , speaking publicly and without shame about it at universities, on television, online and over the airwaves. As an Internet-savvy professional, I blogged regularly, used online advertising and branded myself on social media. All publicity is good publicity, right?

And I could always write about my experiences. I discovered that leaving the sex industry was far easier said than done. I spoke to faith-based organization Solace SF about options. I had encountered them multiple times and they seemed friendly and not too pushy. Many groups that focus on the intersection of sex work and religion or sex work and radical feminism talk constantly about how much they want women to leave the industry, how it drains us, how it mistreats us.

Solace promised to help me with my resume, get me interview clothes, advise me on applying for jobs when my primary work was adult in nature. Ten years is a long time to have a gap in a resume, after all! I sat with that for a while, turning over in my head how it would feel to delete a persona I spent 10 years creating, honing, perfecting. I would lose all my contacts, lose all the work I had done in media. But the help never came, and I discovered that Solace had fallen apart with rumors of fraud following in its wake.

All I had gotten in the end were cupcakes and the very occasional gift card for Safeway, nothing to help me move forward and start a new job. Even if that help had panned out I was and still am somewhat conflicted about whether or not I want to leave the sex industry. Even if hired, I could be subsequently fired for having been in porn or written about dildos.

What do you do when your brand is adult-based and all your best connections, writing and media appearances relate not to SEO, but SEX? I found Patreon , a service that allowed content creators to gather patrons who could pay for your art on a subscription basis. Knowing that crowdsourcing was unfriendly to sex workers and needing a sustainable option, I started up a Patreon account, making sure the content I posted followed their guidelines. It encouraged me to work harder on my writing, and was, for the first time, a viable alternative to sex work.

It was great for the first few months. Then I got an email from Patreon , saying that the payment processor PayPal had threatened to shut down all integration with their site because of "adult content. We simply had to take action to avoid a situation where creators would lose hundreds of thousands of dollars of legitimate pledges. They worked around the clock responding to my panicked emails.

While Patreon was open to artists creating work that was adult in nature , their hands were tied. And not in a kinky way. This was not my first clash with PayPal or similar service WePay, of course. As the organizer of an event with burlesque, I once had my account frozen for a week, losing vital time to purchase supplies, and I had to submit via email all sorts of information to "prove" I was legit meaning, of course, not a sex worker. Andre Shakti found herself in similarly hot water in March for crowdfunding travel costs using Fundly to make it to the Feminist Porn Awards and Conference.

Or there was Maggie Mayhem , a porn performer, tried to raise money for going to Haiti to do relief work using PayPal, and, despite the fact her fundraising had nothing to do with porn, she found her account shut down. Michelle Austin , another porn performer, had accounts at both companies shut down at different times -- WePay did because her company was "linked to an adult company" which can mean anything from linking to an adult company to having adult content show up in a Google search.

She thinks PayPal shut down her donations simply because there was a porn shoot on her personal blog. Makes me wonder how many Tumblrs asking for donations for medical care get their accounts shut down for that reason?

And Square has banned Courtney Trouble for life, even though they were using it for non-porn purposes, because their Google search uncovered that Courtney is a porn producer. Why do these payment processors have such a strict policy on adult performers, so strict that having worked in the industry means you could find yourself banned for life?

I looked into this somewhat and found many such companies claiming that statistically, adult companies were more likely to be high risk for chargebacks when someone buys the content, often downloading what they want and then calling the company to report fraud. Instead, I discovered indie porn site owners saying their chargeback percentages were low enough to not warrant calling them high risk, and arguments about what constituted pornography considered a "risky" investment versus adult content not necessarily deemed "risky" but a gray enough area to make enforcement completely arbitrary.

I also discovered other types of business often considered at risk for chargebacks travel, computer services, sorcery!

Also interesting is that being associated in any way with adult services or performers does not seem to be enforced across the board.

Vicki Gallas, a former escort, was banned from using PayPal to process payments for her memoirs, because they included sex work. Seattle Erotic Art Festival had their account frozen even though they only used the service to process fine art submission fees. It seems like what counts as "adult" shifts drastically and is impossible to anticipate. Particularly interesting is that PayPal really got its start, not only through online auctions like eBay, but adult websites and online gambling.

Both are things they now refuse to have anything to do with, even though porn sites and online casinos helped rocket PayPal to the popularity it enjoys today. In , citing high fraud rates, Paypal stopped accepting adult transactions or gambling ones, offering instead to monitor user transactions and report potentially illegal activities.

Our economy is pretty terrible right now. When jobs are difficult to come by, people are starting small businesses out of their home, selling stuff on eBay, making mobile apps, crafting things to sell on Etsy.

And, of course, more and more people are trying their hand at something in the adult entertainment arena to help them get by - perhaps camming here, maybe doing a porn there, possibly stripping or selling their dirty socks. Rent is rising in many major cities. Sex work can be and is a ticket out of debt for many people. Yet, we live in a culture that brands us permanently for dipping a toe into sex work while simultaneously insisting sex workers should leave the industry and do other work.

The subsequent shaming becomes a double-edged weapon. With PayPal and WePay controlling most of the online payment market, banning sex workers past or present from using either can mean that any other sort of small business idea is made impossible for us. Interestingly, as faith in PayPal and WePay falls, companies like Verotel are moving forward, accepting Bitcoin as a possible alternative form of online payment for adult companies.

In case you were wondering, my Patreon patrons all switched over and rent got paid. Guess PayPal just lost out on the fees for all those transactions. I hope it was worth it for them.

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